Kim Thore - Marketer, Journalist, Public Relations
About Kim..

Marketer, Journalist, Public Relations

Kim Thore has been a Marketing and Public Relations professional for over a decade. Previously, she worked within the Retail, Financial Services, and Process Improvement industries as a Vice President, Consultant and Marketer. She owned her own Marketing Firm for eight years that specialized in Events and supporting the Arts community of the Triad and beyond.

Kim Thore studied art for 12 years and has been a published author since 2000.

Kim now works in Financial Services as a Marketing, Story, Communications Strategist.

In her free time she works as a freelance music journalist/critic, professional blogger and artist.

As an artist she has shown her work in galleries in the Southeast, Miami and her work  has sold to collectors in Europe and the United States.

She volunteers in support of animals  and as a literacy tutor for functionally illiterate adults. 

Her latest project is working on a biography of her ancestor, noted Vermeer scholar and "rediscoverer;" collector and French Salon critic important for his work with Impressionism; and co-founder of L'Alliance des Arts- Etienne Joseph Theophile Thore'.